June 05


June 2005 Issue 5

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Welcome to Roslyn Deakin’s cookbooks on fruit and vegetables.

I have a range of recipe books, which include

Apricot, Broad bean, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cauliflower, Cherry, Choko, Dried Apricots, Eggplant, Lemons, Nectarines, Peach, Passionfruit, Plum, Pumpkin, Quince, Silverbeet, Sweet Potato, and Zucchini.

All my books are designed to be interesting with wide range of variety with recipes from all over the world from soups, main meals, cakes and preserves.


The Tomato book is still in progress, I will keep you posted when it is ready.

Book of the month

Passionfruit is called Maracuya in Columbia, and Lilikoi in Hawaii

Passionfruit originated in Brazil. There are 350 species of passionfruit. There are Banana, Common & Yellow.

4 Passionfruit equal 1can passionfruit.

Home cooking tips and hints

* The passionfruit should be wiped over with a damp cloth. It may be cut in half, the pulp removed and the skin discarded. It may be eaten raw, sprinkled with sugar or the pulp may be sieved and the juice used in sorbets, drinks, jellies and creams.

* Passionfruit should be placed in a plastic bag and refrigerated in the crisper. The pulp may be removed and frozen for later use.

* Passionfruit is the size of an egg with tough leathery orange to orange-brown skin. It contains a sweet, translucent white pulp. Its skin is smooth and shiny when unripe and wrinkled when mature. It must be heavy and full.

* Withered passionfruit should be avoided because it could be dry inside or at best have very little juice.

Special Offers

* Our special this month is 4 books for the price of 3 offer.

* For the month of July the Passionfruit book will be $15.00.

* Order a Choko book by 31st July 2005 and go into a draw for a free copy of the Peach recipe book (results will appear in the August newsletter).

Currently I am after beetroot recipes. You can email or fax them to me on the information on the web page.

Recipes of the week


1 cup dried apricots, 400 grams can sweetened condensed milk, 1/3 cup milk, 90 grams copha melted, 60 grams butter melted, 1/3 cup coconut, 1 tspn grated lemon rind, ¼ cup lemon juice, 250 grams pkt plain sweet biscuits

Passionfruit Icing: 1¼ cups icing sugar, 30 grams butter softened, 1 tblspn passionfruit pulp, 1 tblspn milk

Cover base and two sides of 23cm square slab pan with a strop of foil, letting foil extend over sides of pan. Place dried apricots in small saucepan, add enough cold water to cover apricots, bring to the boil, then reduce heat and simmer uncovered for about 3 minutes Microwave on HIGH for about 5 minutes. Or until apricots are soft, drain. Process apricots and ¼ cup sweet condensed milk until smooth. Transfer mixture to a large bowl mix well. Arrange a single layer of biscuits over base of prepared tin, spread evenly with apricot mixture, top with another layer of biscuits.. Spread passionfruit icing evenly over biscuits, refrigerate overnight or until firm.

Passionfruit Icing: Sift icing sugar, into a small heatpoof bowl, stir in butter. 30 grams butter, passionfruit pulp and enough milk to make a stiff paste. Place bowl over a of hot water, stir icing sugar for about 2 minutes or microwave on HIGH for 1 minute or until icing sugar is spreadable.


1 pkt diabetic lemon jelly crystals, 1 cup boiling water, pulp of 2 passionfruit, 2 tblspns evaporated milk

Dissolve lemon jelly crystals in boiling water, stir in passionfruit pulp. Refrigerate until jelly is partially set, then add chilled evaporated milk. Beat until mixture is thick and lighter in colour. Pour into serving dish or individual glasses. Refrigerate until set. Serves 2.


2 cups cooked rice, 170 grams can passionfruit pulp, ½ cup custard, ½ cup thickened whipped cream,

Combine rice with passionfruit pulp, custard and cream. And mix well. Spoon into 4 glasses or sweet bowls and chill for 20 minutes. Serve with extra passionfruit over top.


½ cup castor sugar, ½ cup water, 1 cup apple juice, 1 cup passionfruit pulp, 2 egg whites, fresh fruit to serve and mint sprigs

Combine castor sugar and water in a pan; stir over heat till sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and cool. Combine apple juice, passionfruit pulp and sugar mixture in a bowl; mix well. Pour into a 20 x 30 cm lamington pan. Cover, freeze till firm. Break passionfruit mixture into large pieces. Place in a large bowl with egg whites, beat with electric mixer till smooth and creamy. Pour mixture into a 14 x 21 cm loaf tin. Cover, freeze overnight. Serve scoops of sorbet with fresh fruit to serve and mint sprigs


Pulp of 12 passionfruit, ¼ cup castor sugar, 1 tblspn orange flavoured liqueur Grand Mariner, 1 tblspn gelatine, 1 cup water,

Strain passionfruit pulp, making 2/3 cup passionfruit juice. Combine passionfruit juice, castor sugar, liqueur mix well.. Sprinkle gelatine over water in a cup, stand cup in small pan of simmering water, stir till dissolved; cool to room temperature. Do not allow to set. Combine gelatine and passionfruit mixture; mix well. Refrigerate mixture till almost set, stirring occasionally. Divide mixture evenly between 4 glasses. Refrigerate until set. Decorate with whipped cream

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